“The Acera del Casino, near the Fuente de las Batallas, was chosen as the location to present the initiative ‘Always Segureño,’ an urban exhibition featuring thirty sculptures of Segureño lambs created in our workshop, Espacio de Arte Hnos Moreno, and decorated by renowned artists such as Paco Lagares, José Manuel Darro, Asunción Lozano, Carlos Jiménez, Inmaculada López, Pedro Cuadra, Tomás Andreo, Rosa María García, Javier Leal, Asunción Jódar, Mar Garrido, Rafael Peralbo, Gracia Eva Velasco, Pedro Osakar, José Antonio Soriano, José Francisco González, Manuel Rubio, Maite Marín Vivaldi, Belén Mazuecos, Francisco Sánchez Montalbán, Sergio Garcia, Lola Moral, José A. Amezcua, Emilio Luis Fernández, Mariángeles Díaz, Carmen Tischler, Miguel A. Carini, Liliana Muñoz, Jesús Conde, José Fernández Ríos, Rosario Velasco, and Joan Sanz.”

Creative Moments of the Artist

These lambs are not just any lambs; they are Segureño lambs, a mark of guarantee, flavor, and quality. Moreover, they are works of art crafted with care by José María Moreno. After each sculpture was completed, a second creative process began, involving a distinguished group of artists who added color, unique features, and decorative elements to make each piece completely distinct.

An Initiative that Creates Synergies

The initiative corresponds to the project promoted by IDEAL, where the worlds of art, gastronomy, tourism, business, and agriculture come together in a synergy-building initiative. Inspired by the famous Cow Parade movement, this project uses sculptures as the perfect icon to promote Segureño lamb and everything it represents in terms of agriculture, gastronomy, tourism, environmental impact, and as a generator of wealth for the region, particularly the Huéscar district known for its leading lamb production.

You can learn more about the exhibition, the artists involved, and activities on the website https://alwayssegureno.ideal.es/

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