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José María Moreno

The artist of the nature

“All works of nature should be regarded as good”


He began his training by working in his father’s Atelier Sculpture and Goldwork, where, in his adolescence, he coexisted with the different techniques that allow the creation of a work of art from its genesis to its completion: drawing, modeling, casting, forging, welding in its various techniques, chiseling, embossing, patinas, … all of this in various materials, mainly in gold, silver, bronze, and brass, achieving mastery in all these disciplines …

But it is in the techniques of goldsmithing where he specializes, bringing them to sculpture, where their application manifests the characteristic precision of his works…

Shared Art

As a Workshop Master, he guides professional internships for students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Arts, and Craft Schools in Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, … teaching the technical knowledge he has acquired over the years.

Full Team

«Art is tied to what is not yet created.»

(Eduardo Chillida)

Miguel Ángel Moreno

Miguel Ángel Moreno

Workshop Head

José María Moreno

José María Moreno


Encarni García

Encarni García

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“Sculpture is the art of intelligence.”

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