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“Gathering is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.

We collaborate

We create synergies with different entities and organizations

At Espacio de Arte Hermanos Moreno, we believe in collaboration.

Could collaboration among artists be the means to create artworks with soul? In our workshop, we think so. Bringing talents together is a sign of success and wisdom.

Espacio de Arte Hermanos Moreno offers its expertise in the casting of artworks to all those artists who want to materialize their artistic projects.

If you want your project to take shape, get in touch with us.


Creators of the award for the winners of the Granada Film Festival

Our sculpture workshop has been selected for the design, modeling, and creation of the award given to the winners at the Granada International Film Festival, PREMIOS LORCA.

You can learn more about this annual event in which we actively participate on their website, Granada Film Festival.

Always Segureño

Urban exhibition composed of about thirty sculptures of Segureño lambs made in our workshop Espacio de Arte Hnos Moreno by José María Moreno. All the sculptures have been decorated by artists of recognized prestige and are located in emblematic places in the province of Granada. The exhibition is inspired by the famous Cow Parade movement. The sculptures, in this case, become the perfect icon to promote the Segureño lamb and everything it entails in terms of agricultural, gastronomic, tourist, environmental aspects, and, of course, as a generator of wealth for a region that is a leader in its production, such as the Huéscar region. You can learn more about activities and artists at en Always Segureño

“Sculpture is the art of intelligence.”

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