Motril Awards a Sculpture to the Businessman for His Historical Dedication to the City

The tribute sculpture to Damián Carmona has been created by sculptor José María Moreno, an artist from the workshop Espacio de Arte Hermanos Moreno, which has been a reference in the art of sculpture and goldsmithing since 1985. It is a portrait of the Motril native with references to coffee, utilizing José María Moreno’s unique technique in various materials such as brass metal and bronze casting.

Damián Carmona Maldonado was a key figure in the social, business, and tourism sectors of Motril. He passed away on June 14, 2020, leaving behind a legacy of years of hard work and dedication to Sol & Crema, a company known for producing one of the “best coffees in the world” and setting supreme quality standards.

Nicolás Navarro expressed gratitude to Damián’s family for all the effort their father put into Motril, emphasizing that “they all are a living reflection of their father and his overwhelming energy,” and highlighting the honor of “gifting the city this magnificent sculpture.”

Cafés Sol & Crema is not just a coffee company; it is a true reference in the sector. It is a Motril brand product that, through the founder’s persistence and passion, has crossed regional boundaries to become a beloved product among both locals and those who consume this coffee daily.

“This distinction is not only a tribute to the success of Sol & Crema but also a reminder of the values that Damián staunchly upheld until the end of his days. In addition to being a visionary, a leader, and a coffee enthusiast, Damián was a man of unwavering determination. His example is an inspiring testimony to how bravery and optimism can lead to greatness,” said the deputy mayor.

The first mayor of Motril emphasized that Damián Carmona “has left a significant legacy to the city of Motril” and that “this spectacular sculpture is our city’s way of acknowledging all his work.”

Los Hnos Moreno con escultura del fundador Cafés Sol y Crema

Prominent Spanish journalists like Carlos Herrera have dubbed the Motril native as “the Spanish Juan Valdés,” while coffee experts attribute the brand as “an excellent quality coffee, freshly roasted and deserving of recognition,” even going so far as to call it “the best coffee in the world.” This reflects both the external and internal value that the brand has achieved.

Motril is a prominent tourism destination known for its renowned beaches, historical monuments, and natural landscapes. However, it also makes space for another sector that has been on the rise in our city in recent years: gastronomic tourism. In this regard, Cafés Sol & Crema stands out, particularly as one of the gastronomic products that contribute to Motril’s appeal as a tourist destination.

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